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Posts About UX You Should Read – Part 1

Are You Meeting the User Experience Hierarchy of Needs?

The most basic needs start at the bottom of the pyramid and end with the highest needs at the top. If the basic needs aren’t met, it’s difficult to find the desire and motivation to meet the higher needs.

Exposure Hours Drive UX Innovation

Want to achieve a dramatic innovation in your design’s user experience? That’s easy. Just increase the hours of exposure to real users that your design team has.

 UX Lessons Learned From Offline Experiences

A lot of the things we read about usability and UX in regards to web-design can be applied to offline situations and business. Of course the opposite is also true—things we learn offline can be applied online.

9 Essential Resources for User Interface Designers

When undertaking such an important and often complex task, it’s helpful to have some handy resources for both education and inspiration.

Do you know of any more interesting articles we should read?

Thanks Steve for Teaching Us About User Experience

Thanks, Steve - Omni Group
Thanks, Steve - Omni Group (

UXCamp DC is about bringing together the people who care about making web sites and mobile apps that provide a great user experience.

No one can deny that Steve Jobs was a master of user experience and that we, as UX professionals, can only hope to be half as deligent, focused, and persistent about providing the same for our users through learning from one another and sharing our experiences.

Thanks, Steve.

MobileUX Camp DC is Here!


MobileUXCamp DC is a mobile technology themed BarCamp. We aim to bring together mobile enthusiasts, explorers and professionals to share the current state and their visions for the future direction of mobility. MobileUXCamp DC hopes to support the many voices helping to unlock the potential of a truly digital life. Topics may include – but are not limited to – mobile gaming, entrepreneurship, social mobility and presence, near field communication, physical hyperlinking, mobile storytelling, the importance of open standards, protocols, and platforms, linux based devices, and mobility on other continents.

Who Should Attend:

  • mobile application developers
  • mobile content writers
  • user experience practitioners
  • mobile content marketers
  • anyone interested in the mobile market

Register Now for MobileUXCamp DC!

Protoshare Webinar: Collaborative Prototyping in The Cloud

“Defining, and clearly communicating ideas for your interactive project can be difficult. Written requirements and flow charts aren’t an effective means of communication and often, even flat wireframes and pretty design comps are not enough. The result is late stage requirements, rework, and surprises that can negatively impact not only your project’s budget, but ultimately the end user experience. Wireframes and prototypes are most effective when they are used to show, rather than tell stakeholders and end users how an interactive experience will work. In this Webinar, we’ll explore how to leverage the cloud to improve your process and how to collaborate within the context of your prototype. We’ll examine best practices, how to avoid common pitfalls, and answer common but difficult questions such as, “How much should I prototype?””

Also, I’ll be reviewing your training outline with all the key folks next week. After that, we should schedule a call to start drilling down into a more detailed plan of action.

Also, ProtoShare 5 is now live for new sign ups (you can schedule your own accounts transition whenever it’s convenient for you). We’ve extended the code (UXDC11) for UXCampDC members through 3/12, but we plan to extend that further. Here is a link for some additional information on ProtoShare 5:

Don’t Miss This! UIE Web Apps Master Tour!

We wanted to let you know about an upcoming conference happening on March 21 in Philadelphia.

If you attended UXCamp DC, you know how passionate Jared Spool, founder of User Interface Engineering, is about user experience design. His creative juices are at work again putting together the Web App Masters Tour. This is a 2-day conference with 9 web app masters sharing their experiences and wisdom.

You’ll hear from the lead designers of Facebook, Netflix, PatientsLikeMe, AARP, and The masters will dive deep into mobile design strategy, answer the native or browser question, show how to create beautiful data visualizations, and persuade your users to explore your functionality.

This conference will definitely change the way you work with and design web apps.

Special Discount Offer

Jared has extended a special discount to all the folks that attended the UXCamp DC. Register by March 16 and pay $795. That’s a savings of $300 from the final registration price. All you need to do is use the promotion code JTALK when you register. And if you can’t make it to the tour stop in Philadelphia, the promotion code is good for Minneapolis and Seattle.

To get all the details on the Tour visit