UXCamp DC 2011 Attendees List

We have now posted a list of attendees including the information each person wanted to share. Look to see who’s coming that you want to meet and connect with!

If you have any additions or corrections, or wish to be removed from this list, please post your comment at the end of this page or send a tweet to @uxprinciples.

  • Alexander Forero, Booz Allen Hamilton
    Blog: twitter.com/mralexforero
    What interests you?: intuitive design, simplicity
  • Bennett Lauber
  • Bennett Kobb, Public Technology Institute
    Website: www.pti.org
  • Bernadette Macias, Aquilent
    Website: http://www.aquilent.com/
    What interests you?: IA, UCD, UX – and understand how people think and decide, rationally and irrationally.
  • Betsy Haibel, KaBOOM!
  • Bob Meyer, Deltek, Inc
    What interests you?: UI & business intelligence
  • Charles Walters, GEICO
    Website: http://geico.com
    What interests you?: Brand new UX analyst, so everything!
  • Charles Borowicz, EFX Media
    Website: http://efxmedia.com
    What interests you?: Visual design, user experience, front-end development, HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Chris Wilson
  • Chrissy Rey-Drapeau
  • Clarissa Peterson, American Public Transportation Association
  • Dan Rinzel, Blackboard, Inc
    Website: http://blackboard.com
    What interests you?: Travel, Photography, Educational technology that empowers teachers to teach more kinds of students more stuff more effectively
  • Dan Willis
  • Doug Brashear, NavigationArts, LLC
    Website: http://www.navigationarts.com
    What interests you?: Mobile IA/Design, Pervasive IA, Multi-channel Marketing, Vintage Motorcycles, Candy
  • Drew Louglin
  • Elizabeth Terrell, Booz | Allen | Hamilton
  • Elizabeth Randolph, Better Experience
    Website: http://www.betterexperience.com
    What interests you?: facilitation, design for social justice, user research
  • Jacqui Olkin, Olkin Communications Consulting
    Website: http://www.olkincommunications.com
    What interests you?: balancing user needs with strategic goals, IA and taxonomy, baseball, Muppets, chocolate
  • Jamie Bresner, US Holocaust Memorial Museum
  • Jean-Paul Haire
  • Jeffery Carns
  • Jenifer Kwan
  • Jo Anne Wright, CustomInk
    Website: http://www.customink.com
    What interests you?: Information organization, ethnography, usability and user experience.
  • JoAnna Hunt, Blackboard Inc
    Website: http://www.blackboard.com
    What interests you?: Information Architecture and Simple user experiences.
  • John Yuda, Changing Targets Media
  • Joseph Price, Threespot
    Website: http://threespot.com
    What interests you?: mobile app and web design; process and documentation; multilingual design
  • Kathleen Danielson, Forum One Communications
    Website: http://www.forumone.com
    What interests you?: Public health, geography, international affairs
  • Kendrick Hang, Rockwell Collins
    Blog: http://www.kendrickhang.com
    What interests you?: Software engineering, interaction design, information design, agile methods, instructional systems.
  • Kesavan Sampanthar
  • Lansing Cookson, GEICO
  • LaShonda Manley
  • Lesley Humphreys, Carton Donofrio Partners
    Website: http://cartondonofrio.com
    What interests you?: New media and old buildings.
  • Livia Labate
  • Mara Jonas, Smithsonian Office of Public Affairs
    Website: http://si.edu
  • Maribel Costa, Fathom Creative
    Website: http://www.fathomcreative.com
    What interests you?: Human Cognition, Taxonomy, Hip-hop, Origami Coal Mining History and Football.
  • Mark Rose
    What interests you?: Integrated Marketing Strategies, Visual Communication, Digital Photography, Wandering the World and my dog, Bayley.
  • Mary Mahling Carns
    What interests you?: social media
  • Matthew Bradley
  • Mike Tock, Aquilent
  • Paul Trumble, GEICO
    What interests you?: Design, Usability, Marketing, Business Development, UX
  • Ricardo Hernandez
  • Rob Fay, Blackboard Inc.
    Website: http://twitter.com/robfay
    Blog: http://www.robfay.com
    What interests you?: Rob has a passion for user experience topics including information architecture, interaction design, social media, information management, and usability. Oh, and he loves UConn basketball and NY Yankee baseball.
  • Sara Snyder, Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution
  • Sean Beavins, Sage Communications
  • Shelley Price, BNA, Inc
  • Thomas Potts
  • Tysheka Pierson
  • Vera Rhoads
  • Veronica Erb, AED
    Website: http://www.veronicaerb.com
    What interests you?: intentionality, collaborating in-person, whiteboards, geodesic domes
  • Wendy Stengel, TerpSys