Posts About UX You Should Read – Part 1

Are You Meeting the User Experience Hierarchy of Needs?

The most basic needs start at the bottom of the pyramid and end with the highest needs at the top. If the basic needs aren’t met, it’s difficult to find the desire and motivation to meet the higher needs.

Exposure Hours Drive UX Innovation

Want to achieve a dramatic innovation in your design’s user experience? That’s easy. Just increase the hours of exposure to real users that your design team has.

 UX Lessons Learned From Offline Experiences

A lot of the things we read about usability and UX in regards to web-design can be applied to offline situations and business. Of course the opposite is also true—things we learn offline can be applied online.

9 Essential Resources for User Interface Designers

When undertaking such an important and often complex task, it’s helpful to have some handy resources for both education and inspiration.

Do you know of any more interesting articles we should read?

  • Tammy Barbee

    So true, usability is one that I have found through my experience as one of the higher needs when it comes to redesigning a website. In my opinion it is always a great idea to involve people to test the usability of the site and give feedback as to how the overall site is working.